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Lori M. Jones, Author


Freaky Heart is here!

" Freaky Heart is so full of life lessons that it should be mandated reading for middle schoolers and their parents, offering a way to convey what it means to be one-of-a-kind." -


- Readers' Favorites

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About Me


Thanks for visiting my page! Writing is my jam. And, so is supporting kids born with broken hearts. So naturally, my first picture book is all about the journey of a heart kid. RILEY'S HEART MACHINE is about a girl with a pacemaker, inspired by own daughter's heart defect and machinery! After its release, I began delivering assemblies at local school and noticed children LOVED to share what made them unique (like Riley). So, this inspired me to pull out an old story I'd written, CONFETTI THE CROC, about a shunned multi-colored crocodile. 

In addition to my children’s books, my debut novel, RENAISSANCE OF THE HEART, won a silver medal by Readers’ Favorites Book Awards in Women’s Fiction. My second novel was released by Wild Rose Press titled, LATE FOR FATE. I have short stories published in several anthologies, INTO THE WOODS and OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS.

I'm also on the Board of Directors of The Children’s Heart Foundation. The Philadelphia Eagles awarded me the Community Quarterback award for my work with the Children's Heart Foundation in PA.

And I love all things Pittsburgh, especially our awesome sports teams! 

Last but not least, I adore my family. I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA with my family and gunshot wound-survivor rescue dog, Cosmo

Send me a message on my contact page! I'd love to hear what you think of my books or set up a school visit! Hire me to write for you! Hope to hear from you soon! xx

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School Visits

I would love to visit your school! For over 5 years, I've travelled all over Western Pennylvania delivering an interactive assembly for kids from K-6th grades, called Writing With Heart.

Kids will learn all about creating a 3D story and bringing their own stories to life! We'll discuss the story behind my first book, Riley's Heart Machine, and learn all about the human heart! We'll discuss ways to not only take care of our human heart, but how to take care of each others' hearts by being a good friend! 

In The Press
Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing 

Need some writing done? I can help! I've worked as a contract writer for businesses and individuals, including writing website and social media content, marketing materials and even personal profiles. Send me a message, I'll send you a quote! 

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