Children's Books

Riley's Heart Machine
Illustrations by Julie Hammond

Riley has a heart defect and a pacemaker, but fears if her friends find out, they won't like her anymore. She doesn't want to be different. She tackles her fears and shares her story in a unique way. This story will give all kids the courage to embrace what makes them special!  

Confetti the Croc
Illustrations by Andy Scott

Confetti the Croc is shunned by the other animals because he's just too colorful! But when his new friendship with a unique monkey causes a scene, the other animals take notice and want to join in on the fun. Confetti shows them all how to love their special traits, making the bog a friendlier place! Children will enjoy the bright and colorful characters while learning to embrace what makes them special and how to be a good friend to others! Includes a page of questions for discussion. 


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